Rick's Resume


This site is in essence, just a fancy placeholder for my resume. If you are here for that and that alone, click on the links below to download that single page document in MS Word or PDF format.

However, since you are here, may I suggest that you take a few minutes to learn a little more about me by exploring the links below. You will find relevant information pertaining to my talents and skills that are not contained within my formal resume. I have tried to keep everything short, concise and to the point in order to not waste your time. Additionally, please see the addendum on sheet two.


  Design Philosophy

Striving for perfection is perhaps my greatest fault. Adopting the design philosophy of the two brilliant men quoted above has helped me keep things in perspective. Occasionally I just have to sit back, open my vision a little and vow to not over think the task before me.

I suspect this is an issue that all good designers must learn to overcome, not letting creativity get in the way of functionality and efficiency. Apparently, I am in good company.

Education Manufacturing experience Design Experience