Design Experience

Design Experience


Machine design is what I have been doing professionally for the last 35+ years. Initially this work was primarily in the electric motor industry but in the last two decades these machines have encompassed the automotive, aerospace, medical and commercial appliance industries as well.

Over the years I have designed hundreds of common and specialized machines. Highly custom, one of a kind machines and designs that must be conceptualized from blank paper based upon the verbal description of a requirement or rough sketch is something I have often been tapped for due to my creativity and out of the box thinking.

Just because “this is the way it has always been done” does not automatically mean that it is the best way to do it or that the concept can not be improved upon after an evaluation. Frequently, new technology can improve an old concept and other times, a fresh look with an open mind can uncover a more durable, more efficient, more reliable or less expensive way to accomplish long established processes.

It would take volumes to describe all the different types of machines I have designed over the years that it is simply not practical to list them all here.
Some of them have been fairly standardized, stand alone machines but over the last decade, the focus has been more towards line processes and automation that typically involve a number of machines in a line or work cell.

A great number of them have been one of a kind as I was frequently tasked with this type of project.

Any design engineer can draft. Any good design engineer can take rough sketches and develop a product. Very few design engineers can concept that product from a blank sheet of paper. Having worked with many, I know this to be true.

  I can design anything!

I realize that machine design is a relatively limited segment of the design world. However, I hope that this description is adequate in conveying my abilities in lesser design roles of a single product or less complex assembly as well. I can learn anything, I can design anything and I can take responsibility to a personal level on any project given to me.